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☆ The Top 12 Naming Techniques Used By Big Brands & Naming Agencies

You’ll discover 12 science-backed naming techniques that are responsible for some of the best, most magnetic brand names today - including Pixar, Audi, Pinterest, YouTube, and many others.

The guide will even show you how to create names using each technique.

Follow the guide to come up with your own catchy name that will instantly “click” with your audience and make them remember you.

☆ 97 Awesome Name Ideas With Available .COM Domains [SWIPE FILE]

You’ll get a list of 97 awesome name ideas with an available .COM domain. With each name, you'll get a short description of why each is great. You can use them as an inspiration for your own or simply take them for yourself (unless someone does it first)

☆ Agency-Level Naming Brief

This easy-to-follow brief will help you truly understand what message you want your business to send. It's like your own personal answer key for choosing the right name.

☆ How to Get a Domain for ANY Business Name for Just $10, Plus 5 Crippling Domain Name Mistakes to Avoid

Premium domain names are valuable, but if you’re starting your business on a budget, you don’t have to pay $2,000+ for one…. In here, you’ll discover how to get a catchy domain to match your new name for just $10. 

We Helped 900+ People Find Awesome Names for Their Businesses

If you purchase our Business Naming Toolkit, you’re going to get a premium agency-level brand name for the cost of an unregistered domain.

To promote the launch of the Toolkit, we created 15 names for popular businesses using the exact techniques in the Toolkit. All of them had unregistered .COMs, and would we would list them between $2,000 and $10,000 on a domain resale site.

Want to get an idea of the style and quality of names you'll learn how to create with the toolkit? Here's a list of the names:



Aquetic is a lightly coined version of the word "aquatic" that is easy to spell and pronounce. It's also a blend between "aqua" and "kinetic," two highly meaningful and related words. And the second syllable contains the word "wet!"

Some potential uses for Aquetic include an aquatic center, a line of water-based fitness equipment, and an athletic swimwear line.



Celevolt is a smooth-flowing blend between "Accelerate" and "Volt." It's a fast, exciting, and high-energy name. You could use it to create a fun electric-based brand theme!

Celevolt is a brandable name that fits a wide range of businesses. Some examples include solar / renewable energy, electric cars, technology, and even marketing.



The name "Gleam" would be great for a cleaning business. Everyone wants a shining and fresh home. Then, by adding the eco-friendly word "Tree," you get a powerful, two-syllable name with incredible visual imagery.

Gleamtree is a fantastic fit for any type of green cleaning business. It is also flexible enough to fit use cases like Christmas businesses and jewelry.



Two of the definitions of "glow" are "show exuberance and elation," and "warmth of feeling or emotion." Combining that with the word "strive," clients and customers will feel motivated and inspired that you can help them "glow" too.

Glowstrive is ideal for a life coaching business, motivational business, or even a clean cosmetics brand.



The word "hearth" refers to the area in front of a fireplace and is also used as a symbol of the home. The name "Hearthstyle" builds off of this definition to create imagery of a warm, inviting home.

Hearthstyle fits any business that deals with "hearth & home." Examples include interior design, a product name for a line of baked goods, or a line of kitchen equipment.



Hylani is based off of the Greek word root for wood or forest, "Hyl." The alternating vowels and consonants create a smooth, rhythmic, and natural flow.

As a brandable name, Hylani is flexible enough to fit a wide range of products and services. Examples include jewelry, spas, and design agencies.

Key & Ivy


Key & Ivy combines two words that create a strong visual image of a warm home. It's also short for a three-word brand name, with only nine letters in the domain.

Key & Ivy is perfect for any business that deals with house and home. Some uses include real estate, interior design, home services, and furniture.



This name could define an entire industry. Based on the word root "phon," which means "sound" or "voice," Phonoware fits with any technology-focused music or audio business.

Want to hear something crazy? is currently on sale for $75,000, while we found for $10 using our techniques. I'd rather have the extra $74,990, wouldn't you?



At their core, 3D printing businesses use geometry and shapes to create beautiful, useful, and/or practical designs. The word "strike" creates the association of "striking iron" or "striking gold." Think of a blacksmith at their forge.

Combining the two words, you get a memorable and catchy name that is perfect for any 3D printing business. Shapestrike would also work well for an architecture firm or a consulting agency (with a nod to "shaping the future").



Solelli is a brandable name based on the Latin root for sun "sol," which is highly in-demand and rare. It creates a warm visual image of the sun, wellness, and health. It's also smooth-flowing, short, and easy to say out loud.

As a brandable name, Solelli fits with a massive range of use cases. Examples include a spa, a salon, or an ecommerce business focused on fashion or wellness.

Sunset Crown


A sunset is one of the most powerful visual images on earth. Combining that with the word crown, your customers will picture a high-end social event taking place as the sun goes down.

Sunset Crown is a perfect name for any event/wedding planning businesses. It could even work as a name for a boutique hotel!

Sure Basis


In the investment world, investors are extremely concerned about preserving their "basis" (their initial investment). No one wants to lose money!

The name Sure Basis communicates trust and confidence, particularly for investment firms that target capital preservation. It also works incredibly well for tax advisors and accountants.



Terrashore creates a strong, visual, and peaceful image of both the earth and the seashore. The blend of "Terra" and "Shore" comes together smoothly, and the combined name is easy to say out loud.

Terrashore is ideal for real estate investment businesses, renewable energy businesses, and more.

Thrive Pool


Thrive Pool refers to the recruiting / HR term "Talent Pool" while being directly meaningful to potential clients. To add in even more stickiness, it's a pun on the phrase "Tide Pool."

Thrive Pool is an amazing name for an executive recruitment firm, staffing agency, or consulting agency.



You know "verb" as a part of speech, but did you know it's also the Latin root for "word?" Verbency smoothly blends "verb" and "fluency," creating the instant impression that your company is awesome at writing things.

And as a bonus, Verbency has a similar sound to the word "fervency." Meaning your company is not only good with words, but passionate about them too.

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